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Frequently Asked Questions

The Webcam are on My Desktop - HELP!!
This happens under some circumstances but can be easily fixed.

The reason that the webcams are on your desktop is becuase the Webcam Folder is pointing to the Desktop. Run Webcam Watcher and do File > Select Webcam Folder and make the webcam folder something more sensible like


Note that you can have several webcam folders, so you might want to have say:


and so on...

What is a Referer URL?
Some webcams use a security feature where they check that the image loaded is "refered to" by a particular page. This is meant to prevent people "stealing" the image by putting it on their own website.

How can Webcam Watcher work with a camera like this?
First you need to find the URL of the normal webcam page. This will often be something like:

Enter this URL into the Homepage URL field on the Edit Webcam dialog.

Webcam Watcher will send this URL as the referer in the http request

How do I import a Javacam JCP file?

1) Run Javacam. Click on the top level "Cameras"
2) Right click and select "Export"
3) When the file save box opens, give a filename that ends with ".JCC" and it will save in this format
4) Now you can import the JCC file by using Create Webcams from Webcam List. Click the Change button and select Javacam JCC file as the file type

How do I import cameras from Aloecam?

1) Find the Aloecam webcam list file. This will normally be called zcamsl.dat.
2) I
mport the file by using Create Webcams from Webcam List. Click the Change button and select Aloecam DAT file as the file type

Note : you can also import LG (Live Grab) data files using the same technique.

Does Webcam Watcher support Streaming Cams
Yes, version 3 supports several streaming webcam formats, eg Webcam32 server push, AXIS motion jpeg. It does not support Real or Microsoft media streams.
Click here for details.

How do I add (or remove) my webcam to the webcam list?
Send an email to Please include a description and a cam homepage if possble. Even better, enter the details into Webcam Watcher then save them as a webcam list file (use the Tools menu). Then mail this to the above address.

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